Dr. Navneet Sharda of Las Vegas is an Oncologist with more than 20 years of experience helping patients.


Navneet Sharda, MD


Dr. Sharda of Las Vegas is a leading expert in the field of cancer management. Dr. Sharda is researcher specializing in whole patient treatment resulting in the best cancer treatment outcomes. He has written, lectured, and published in areas of new treatments, prevention, cost containment, and quality outcomes in the field of cancer.

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Medical News

October 23rd
Cardiac tamponade is a fluid buildup around the heart that constitutes a medical emergency. We discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment of cardiac tamponade here.
October 23rd
A new trial confirms that a combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy boosts survival rates for people with triple-negative breast cancer.
October 22nd
New research finds that the derivative of a compound found in a rare Chinese tree bark can destroy drug-resistant pancreatic tumors.
October 21st
A new study charts the slow build-up of genetic mutations. The researchers are surprised to find that even healthy human tissue carries many mutants.
October 20th
Metastatic breast cancer may soon be treated using light to activate photo-sensitive drugs which, in turn, can target cancer cells and avoid healthy ones.


screening.jpgCancer RiskTake the time to understand what cancer risk is and how it's measured.This can help you put your own cancer risk into perspective. 

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